Freaky IM pop-up spam on my PC?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Freaky IM pop-up spam on my PC?

I have a Win 2K box on my T1 as a game server. Runs pretty good. But:

Every morning I come in an notice that there are always 3 or 4 advertisment windows open on the server PC. They are "Messenger Windows" of some sort. They look sort of like typical pop-up windows, but without a toolbar. They are NOT IE windows. What's really weird is that there isn't any software running on the PC. No chat apps, no browsers, etc. THe PC was built to be a game server, and has only ran 1 app: A server utility app (HAOM, for Americas Army).

How can I fiure out how they find me, and who they are? Its quite disturbing. I don't have many ports open.

One ad is for a website like or something (can't remember exactly)


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