HELP!!! I received a death threat from a webmaster

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OK, I will explain this story as simple as possible.

At approximately 20 minutes to midnight on Saturday (AEST), I received a call from the webmaster of the site marcelo salas claiming defamatory stuff we sent him. If u are asking who is he, it is two friends from school. So here is how it goes, we were in one of our study periods when we registered to this guy's site (obviously under a bogus user name and password)and we cut and paste stuff from a chat room pertaining to his career and had the f word in there. From what my friends remember, the e-mail used was cut from a chain letter we were reading which happened to be my brother's e-mail. So here comes the tricky part. Why didn't they call my brother? and how did they get my number?

Now, what surprised me the most was when this guy said 'You were logged in and u were seen by security cameras' which is bullshit as there are no cameras in my school library.

Now, if this issue was as serious as the guy claims shouldn't I have received a warning letter or be contacted via my school or the police. After further investigation, I came to find out that this site is looked after by an Italian company and apparently has not been touched in months. What is kind of suspicious is when he said 'Thank you for visiting so and when the site is .net.

Should I really take this as a joke? As I have contacted my other two friends that were with me at the time and they suspect that it is someone from school.

Now, shouldnt this be just a common occurrence for celebs or athletes. We were not some bigshot journalists who were trying to publicly defame him, just some morons having some fun. One needs to ask the question: If athletes cannot accept this sort of criticism, they do not belong in the limelight. It is not as if I write anything racia, just general career orientated stuff as I am strongly opposed to racism.

Last but not least, after contacting various legal services as the guy told me 'U will receive a fine of $4000 and if I contest it and lose, I could face $250000 + further penalties. Are there such laws that deal with defamation as that is the only law (infringement) that comes to mind.

Thank u for any further feedback as I have been literally shaken up by this and was actually crying at one stage.

Your fellow machead



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    longhornlonghorn Posts: 147member
    There's obviously some BS going on here. Just ignore it and watch it go away.
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    I'm not quite clear what exactly and your friend registered on, talked sh1t about him in a chat room / message board on the site and then got a threatening phonecall from the 'webmaster'?

    One of your mates is having a laugh at your expense by the sounds of things.
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    robbyrobby Posts: 108member
    What do u mean? The guy on the phone had a thick Chilean accent, we were not chatting on a chat room, we were browsing and came across what was written, cut and paste and then sent it.
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