15"iMac + iBook or wait for new 15"PB?

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So many of us have been waiting for this new 15" PB, that it's getting to the point where maybe I shouldn't wait any longer.

I have an original 15" FP iMac which while is not the latest and greatest, it still is an awesome piece of design (I'd almost want to keep it just as a collectors item). But I desperately want a laptop. I hate being tied to the desk on nice cool evenings when I could sit on the deck.

I could pick up a cheap iBook which would probably serve my needs (surfing and writing). But if I sell my iMac instead and add another thousand, I could have the best of both worlds and get a new 15" Powerbook. Then again, I could be waiting til December!


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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    shuffling between a desktop and a notebook can be kind of a nuisance. i'd wait for the updated 15"
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