Windows box, HD failure imminent.. help!

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My IT dept says there is nothing to do except backup my docs while I still can and that they will re-install XP while on holidays.

Basically, what happened was that all of a sudden the computer restarted (without warning) and when I logged in, a new user directory had been created (from 'user' to 'user.000') and I had to manually transfer my intact docs from user to user.000.

Then, tried to restart to get a disk check to go, and it got blocked at about 8%. Left it even for 6 hours... system just totally hangs. Force restart.

So, is the HD hosed? Are there any disk apps I can use that you reccomend?

Good thing I also have a Mac to work with at work..;


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    I think you might have gotten the virus named MSBLAST.exe. It's actively loose on the internet. All my neighbors around me have been infeted, i havn't though.
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    proxyproxy Posts: 232member
    The cheek of it!! Asking for advice on your wintel box on a mac enthusiast site. Everybodies behaved themselves and treated you nicely rude responses

    Hope you get it sorted though.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    I've been here long enough to know that we're ALL CIVILIZED individuals and help no matter the platform

    Does the Blast virus actually destroy data or HD?

    BTW, yes, I did get the virus... but I thought that all it did was turn your PC off.

    Damn Windows.
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