Deleting OS 9 problem...owned by root?

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On a friend's new iBook, I'm trying to trash/delete the Applications (OS 9) and OS 9 System Folder and any other OS 9 folders (there's another one , but I forgot the name) residing on her hard drive.

She's using X only, so no reason to have both on there (she surfs, e-mails, has Office v.X on order and does the iTunes/iPod need whatsoever to have both operating systems on there...just clutter and possible confusion for her).

Even though we're booted into OS X, when I try to drag the OS 9-related folders to the trash, I get a message saying something like "this action can't be done because it's owned by the root"

Is there simply a way - without foolding with the Terminal (spare me!) or downloading that BatchMod thing I've read about that I can trash/delete the OS 9 components on this iBook, just leaving my friend with an OS X-only system?



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    If it is a new computer and the drive doesn't really contain anything important, I'd recommend reformatting the driving and installing *just* OS X.

    If you don't want to do that, I'm pretty sure that you can just get info on the various items, click the little Permissions triangle, and change the Owner to your account. Then click the "Apply to Enclosed Items" button. Then you should probably be able to move the items to the Trash.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    I know, I know, it's the terminal, etc...

    cd /

    sudo rm -rf System\\ Folder/

    Of course, recursively removing directories (-r) without confirming deletion (-f) is a bit risky.
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    If you can't boot an OS 9 CD to trash it, how about running the NetInfo Manager, activating the root account, Logging Out, Log In as Root, and trash it, Log Out, Log In as the regular user, run NetInfo Manager, and deactivate root.
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