No VPC on G5 anytime soon?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Yesterday the following was posted on MacIntouch:


Kris Trexler reports that Virtual PC 6, now owned by Microsoft, won't work on a Power Mac G5:

In speaking to Microsoft's Virtual PC tech support regarding a current VPC issue I have with my G4 Mac, the tech informed me that the current version VPC 6 will NOT work on the new G5 Mac I have on order. He informed me that Microsoft was "surprised" when the G5's were announced, and the VPC team is currently working on a new version of Virtual PC that is G5-compatible. He did not give specifics as to why the current version of Virtual PC will not function on a G5.

_ This news put a damper on my enthusiasm for the new G5 I was eagerly awaiting. Not because I care much about Virtual PC, but more because Apple had stated full compatibility with current Mac software. To quote from the Apple website: "Built for Mac OS X - The Power Mac G5 runs all of your software o and runs it faster o with a version of Mac OS X Jaguar specially tuned for the PowerPC G5 processor, providing a seamless transition to 64-bit power".

Now I wonder what other software that I own will require upgrades to work on a G5?

Today, an update was released for VPC by Microsoft that states that a G4 or G5 is required for VPC to work, while for the rest of Office (you can now get VPC with Office) all that is stated is that a G3 is required as a minimum.

So, has anyone else heard of this problem and if it actually exists? And, if it does, any guesses as to how long it takes after a G5 release for a VPC update to come out?


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