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Which cards can I use to upgrade my PowerMac 9600?


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    Pretty much any PCI based card that is known to work in a mac. Hit up

    They have a wonderful database over there.
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    drboardrboar Posts: 477member
    All PCI cards aviable for the Mac is in reality just the ATI radeon 7000....

    The original ATI Radeon card that is better for 3D gaming is not aviable. A second hand ATI 128 PCI card would be good as well.

    For 2D all 3 ATI cards are good and they have OS X support. Odd cards like the 3dfx Voodoo 3 card is a "better" gaming card but does not work in OS X and is problematic in OS 9 and really just work in older games in OS 8.

    The IX Micro card you have is useless for games but a good card for 2D.

    Watch so you do not start well and then take small steps towards utter stupidity...

    OK I get this 100 dollar G3 upgrade.

    Wow much faster! Perhaps even faster with a new graphical card?

    ATI 7000 for 120 dollar.

    That was a bit better!

    How about USB mouse and stuff?

    USB card and mouse 20 dollar and 20 dollar

    Oh that hard disk is to small is it not?

    IDE PCI card 75 dollars and a 75 dollar IDE drive

    That is 410 dollars of upgrades excluding shipping fees and it is still just on par with a B&W G3 at the most.

    You can spend 1000 dollars or more upgrading the 9600 for the hell of it as a hobby and as such it is a good thing if you think it is fun

    However, if you want to make a resonable upgrade on a 8 year old computer, you have to ask yourself what level of performance you need and if a upgrade is the best way to get there. If some CPU speed and RAM is all what you need go for the upgrade but if the HD is way to small you need a CDRW and gaming card a second hand B&W G3 or a AGP G4 will serve you better. Think twise and buy once8)
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