Hooking up 2 computers through D-Link router

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I got a D-Link router to hook-up my 2 comps to the internet. For some reason, I cannot get my connection to work for my mac through the router. If anyone out there has hooked-up there mac (OSX) to a router, can u help me out please. Thanks



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    drboardrboar Posts: 477member
    You imply that the internet work on the other computer?

    Did the Mac work well connected directly to the modem?

    On the Mac

    Go to the systemsetting Network-TCP/IP

    Port: Ethernet

    Mode: Use DHCP

    that should be all you need

    Try starting the browser and type in the IP number for the Dlink router as specified in the manual of the router. Do you find it?

    Have you swapped the cables (one of my el chepo cables was dead). Do take note that some modems use a crossover cable between the modem and the next box, be it a router or a computer so let that cable out of the swapping circus.

    Look at the indicator lights for the modem activity as well as for the port indicators are they lighting up as per the manual?
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