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The cubs beat the astros. I am at the store now. It is awesome. I wish I had a ton of Money! I am off to Niketown, I wanted to test out the keyboard on the powerbook.


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    What was the point of that, besides to tell us non-sports people that the Cubs beat the Astros, and you want to buy a new Mac?

    Oh, wait...
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    Nice. I saw a Fire - (S)Crew game yesterday and am drooling now at an Apple Store. I wish they had already G5s, they make me drool a lot more than the Powerbooks...
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    I was at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave today with my family.

    I was drooling over everything , and putting all the macs I could get my hands on to "AI" or to my own web pages. 8^)

    Here are a few photos
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    The computers at Walnut Creek only allow you to connect to

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