canon LIDE 30 scanner

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I'm looking at getting a canon lide 30 scanner, super thin and portable (power from usb) and well reviewed (although slower than most) -

is this product due for an update/successor anytime soon? Possibly firewire within the next year?


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I doubt it or its successor will get Firewie since scanners don't even take full advantage of USB 1.1 bus speeds (the bus is already much faster than any scanning mechanism). I suppose they might go USB 2 just for the illusion of speed, and backwards compatability.

    I'm not aware of any replacements for the LiDE 30 coming. The LiDE 50 is substantially bigger I think. It's a so-so scanner anyway, poor software, slow, noisy though the color is pretty good for the price.
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    thanks for the advice. Main reason for wanting the canon is that i can tote it around with my laptop, and also sit it on my kitchen table scanning invoices, books, etc. It seems so convenient, and was #6 on PC World's 10 best Scanners list. Also it's cheap
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