Sherlock won't show up in the dock!

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Anyone here experienced this, with Sherlock or any other program. To keep the dock in reasonable size I only have my most frequently used apps in it and others in a dock based folder I right click to access the program shortcuts. But when I open sherlock from the Dock-Map it never shows up in the dock. Any suggestions as how this bug can be fixed? It's annoying having to hide the other apps to get back to Sherock.

Thanks in advance



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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Hasn't any of you really experienced anything similar? Please help me, please, PLEAE PLEASE
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    By "show up", does this mean that Sherlock is running and you can use it, but just doesn't show up in the dock? Or rather that when you run it, it shows up with one bounce in the dock and disappears? If it's the latter, I would recommend running the Disk Utility and doing Repair Permissions on your hard drive. Also, did you move Sherlock out of the Applications folder? If so, put it back.
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Thanks 'JimDreamworx',

    I use Sherlock translation module, often copy text from Safari and paste it into Sherlock. Then when I click on the browser to 'activate' it, Sherlock disappears from the Dock and the only way to get back to it is by hiding or minimizing the browser where Sherlock is running behind it.

    However, for some reason it's been ok now for 2 days. Knock on Wood
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