Selling my Powerbook 17"

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have a 17" Powerbook right now, and I decided not to keep it for several reasons:

1. It is soooo gorgeous, I'm terrified to take it anywhere-there is NO way I'd take it to a crowded coffeeshop here in NYC. For me, this ruins all the trade-offs for portability.

2. The screen cannot touch the ergonomics of my 15" iMac - once you get used to a floating screen that's infinitely adjustable, you get annoyed staring down to one that's fixed. I also have a keyboard that rolls out underneath my desk, and it's way more comfortable than resting my arms on top of it. Besides, I'm always slouching, moving closer, backwards, and the iMac's screen is always happy to adjust.

3. For a brand-new Powerbook 17", I can get a brand-new 17" iMac, AND a brand new 12" iBook. Or, a low-end G5 with a 17" monitor, and a used iBook.

Don't get me wrong - it's a great machine, but not for me.

Edit: Sold it already - wooh, these machines are hot...


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