New eMac 2003: Specs and Speculation

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I deployed 5 eMac 700s at work this week. They are pretty cool. They are the (CRT) iMac I always wanted, basically. I almost bought one (Micro Center is having a sale - $699 each), but I wouldn't be happy with the video performance at home with games like Ghost Recon. I put my credit card back into its holster. For now. :0)

Now that we have seen portable (2x) and tower upgrades, I expect to see a new iMac and eMac line, too. Most people are excited about the sexy iMac line of course, but I am looking for a simple stop-gap G4 Mac until the 970 towers ship. I considered the new 1.0-1.42 GHz towers combined with a 17" or 20" flat-panel line (may still do it), but I would prefer a $999 all-in-one system.

What do you see in terms of upgrades in the eMac? Other than the usual speedbumped CPUs, I hope to see a newer video subsystem, hopefully from the nVidia Geforce 4+ or ATI Radeon 9000 class cards (64 MBs would be nice). It would be pretty decent for most games. Until Doom 3 ships that is. Then I scramble and buy a "dual 64 bit G5/970 SupaTower" and fat-ass 20" or 23" LCD! :0)

My dream eMac for "stop gap" home use:

Single 867 MHz, 933 MHz or (maybe) 1.0 GHz G4

133 MHz bus (I don't expect 167 MHz)

60 GB ATA/100 drive. (I would love an 80 or 120 GB)

128 or 256 MB RAM (and buy a 512 MB stick-o-love elsewhere)

Superdrive option (maybe the new A-105 2x?)

10/100 NIC. (maybe 10/100/1000)

Firewire 800? Please? I could use this down the road if I keep it...


Airport Extreme ready

17 " flat CRT (with decent resolution like the current eMacs-which I am impressed with)

Tilt and Swivel stand INCLUDED. Please?


New backlit USB BlueTooth Pro Keyboard and 2 button/scroll wheel optical Pro mouse (I WISH!)

I hope Apple moves the power button up front!

Maybe a USB or FireWire port up front too? If Apple wants the Mac to be my "Digital Hub", then give me a port that I can reach easily!

Any thoughts? Dates? Rumors? Specs? Prices? Comments?

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    [quote] Single 867, 933 or (maybe) 1.0 GHz G4

    133 MHz bus (I dont expect 167 MHz)

    60 GB ATA/100 drive

    128 or 256 MB RAM (and buy a 512 MB stick-o-love)

    Superdrive option (maybe the new A-105 2x?)

    10/100 (maybe 10/100/1000) NIC.

    Firewire 800? Please? I could use this down the road...

    Bluetooth ready

    Airport Extreme ready

    17 " flat CRT (with decent resolution like the current eMac)

    Tilt and Swivel stand INCLUDED.

    New backlit USB BlueTooth Pro Keyboard and 2 button/scroll wheel optical Pro mouse (I WISH!)

    Any thoughts? Dates? Rumors? Prices? Comments?


    Yeah. I largely agree handsomely with your post.

    Priced to go with two models £595 and £695 inc VAT.

    They could get people to 'try the Mac' and walk out Apple stores with them. Priced to go.

    8 months to go until a 970 Mac? A 'temporary' Mac could tempt.

    As it is, the eMac is way to expensive at the moment.

    Hmm. Wonder what Apple will do? Something like you suggest is kinda in the ball park.

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    i still believe that the eMac's position is to be the CRT-equivalent of the iMac, for as long as CRT's are substantially cheaper. since i have predicted the imacs will go with 867 MHz and 1 GHz, i would say the same for the eMacs.

    and actually, i have been playing around with a better mouse idea thn anyone has suggested. here it is (and if apple does it, i want some friggin' credit AND props on these boards, ya hear?!?):

    first, consider how well the user interface and control of the ipod is designed.

    also, consider that the "sliding menus" of the ipod are, essentially, mac os x's "column view" (and an apple exclusive -- until, of course, microsoft rips it off).

    you use the jog wheel on the ipod to scroll through menus, and the center button to "click."

    if any of you have actually used the <a href=""; target="_blank">Griffin Powermate</a>, you know how cool this thing is for not only amateur- and hobbyist-level video and sound work, but it's also very cool for scrolling windows, too.

    so, my idea... instead of everyone's obsession with a "scroll wheel," place a simple solid-state jog wheel on the mouse. This would be similar to kensington's "scroll-strip" on their new mice, but circular, like on the ipod. then you mouse to where you want to be, scroll or jog with the wheel as necessary, and click by pushing down on the mouse. you wouldn't have precision control, but that's not the point. the point is integration and ease of use. plus, if you want more precision, buy a powermate or an actual jog dial from someone like contour designs.

    you now have an industry first peripheral (NO ONE makes a jog dial/optical mouse combo) that works with the finder in column view, windows in general, and iApps such as iTunes (fast forward, rewind, volume, etc.) iMovie, iPhoto (adjusting size of phoro reel previews, etc.). well, it just integrates so friggin' well.

    mind you, i posted my interface idea on these boards to have badged minimized windows, and apple took that idea, so i KNOW someone at apple is reading this and taking it to heart. therefore, use my idea, but would you PLEASE GIVE ME A FRIGGIN' JOB?!?!? i do this thing for a (very small) living, you know. i could stand an increase in pay... and move out of canada to cupertino.

    that is all.

    p.s. i would also like to point out that apple could integrate the solid-state jog wheel onto all sorts of products, including the power/ibooks (instead of that big honkin' recatangular button), though, admittedly, i'm not sure how you would mouse around. hmmm...

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    steve666steve666 Posts: 2,600member
    Having anything less than a 1GHz chip in a computer nowadays is ridiculous. At least with 1Ghz people will think its somewhat closer to Intel. The new eMac and iMac need 1 Ghz......................
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    You rock, rok.

    I like that idea.

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