Single 1.25 vs. Dual 1.25

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Yipee, I am going out to buy a new mac in the next few days. The local store has 2 macs that are in my price range--a single and a dual processor 1.25 gig G4 Powermac.

Does anybody know if there is a significant speed difference between the 2 (for mostly page layout, Illustrator, and mostly medium sized photoshop files).

My delima is should I get the dual processor and 512 megs extra ram or the single processor a gig extra ram, and pocket the difference (about $750 CDN)?


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    ryaxnbryaxnb Posts: 583member
    I'd recommend the dualie. There's a fair chance it can go faster then the 1.6Ghz G5! Most or all of your above apps use dual processors, and so do many iApps. Also, OS X takes advantage of it. Just one more thing: If you plan on mostly using OS 9.2, the dual advantage is often much less. Edit: More thoughts. In general, after you have 512-768MB RAM or so, putting more in changes less. Also, don't Build To Order more RAM; it can cost much less if you do it yourself.
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    Thanks ryaxnb,

    I am using 10.2.

    I did not realize they were in the same neighbourhood of the low end G5's. That's cool in a way. I haven't looked into the G5's too much yet. I wasn't planning on getting anything yet, but I have to get some help in my ofice and just started pricing things out. Of couse my help will have to use the older equipment
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    dankdank Posts: 31member
    Id say go with the dualie. A year or two down the line, you will be glad you did. I have a dual 1.25 with 768mbRAM and its a great computer...gotta love that multi-tasking. The only program that bogs it down is maya, but that's expected. A year from now, you'll be glad you paid for that extra proc.
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    thttht Posts: 3,241member
    Get the dual processor. It won't operate much faster on a single app basis unless an app has been designed for SMP. But when you are running multiple apps at the same time, the dual machine will much smoother and pleasing. Buy the dual, and wait next year when 512MB DIMMs will cost <100 USD.
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    RAM for that computer is already < $100 for 512 MB. Just got it in a catalog today (Mac Zone). However, it is subject to "changes, so please call."

    The same item in the catalog is $99.99, however, on the website it is $119.

    The deal on the dual G4 is great. You don't even have to pay for what it's worth.
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