Epson Scanner = is a pain in the ass.

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Okay, I got a refurbished Epson Perfection 1260 today and it won't work. It came with all the software, for winXP and Mac OS 9 (**** knows why?) and I wanted it to work in OS X (I am on 10.1.5) so I downloaded the Scan to File Utility and a driver or something for X. It scans, but the images are all smeared, the color is washed and it's really pissing me off. Can anyone help?


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    Here's a sample of the device's brilliant work:

    (Copy and paste, I can't help the server's shittiness.)
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    Nice photo. Looks sort of modern-artish. Neat effect, but I guess that is not what you bought the scanner for.

    I have a 1250 and it works great (although way slower than my old scsi Agfa). Have you tried this driver?:
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    I'm not sure it is a driver problem. "Clearly" the image is being sent to the computer and the driver is making use of the info. It looks more like the scanning component is horribly mis-aligned like the scanner was dropped or transported without the scanning parts locked into place. I would send it back and exchange it with another.
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    Okay, it's defective. We're taking it back, and I'm saving the botched scan as a desktop picture.
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