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I'm having a problem with my epson 2200, and was wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem, or could point me to a good source of epson info (their website isn't much help).

The printer is printing fine (I can peek in and watch it printing), but when the paper is fed out of the machine through the "rollers" they are smearing the ink right off the image. With plain paper, this does not happen, but with thicker paper, like photopaper, the ink comes off where the rollers are, leaving a long line of white at about 1 inch intervals. An image of my niece comes out looking like my niece behind prison bars.

What's the deal here? It's clearly not a software issue...

any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    kwondokwondo Posts: 217member
    Unless your printer is seriously F'ed up, you are probably printing at the wrong setting. First off, if the paper is a glossy or matte, you have to have at the right settings.

    e.g.: if you are printing on a glossy photo injet paper but set to photo quality matte, then your printer will put too much ink on the serface that is not made to take that much and therefore the ink runs along the surface rather than drying instantly. If you have a photo matte paper and your setting is on photo glossy injet paper, then your image will look desaturated because there were not enough ink applied to the surface of the paper.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I had that happen after I printed 6 copies of a photo using roll paper. I don't know if the ink was drying fast enough. I know I had the correct settings. If you are using sheet paper (or anything that doesn't need cutting) try removing the cutter. The extra rollers in the cutting attachment are bigger and sticker. You can also increase the drying time of the ink somewhere in the printer options. It prints slower but may fix your problem. The drying time is calculated for Epson papers. If you are using non-Epson paper, the pigment absorption/drying time may be different so you may need to adjust for it. The 2200's pigment inks are more finicky than other dye-based inks.

    Hehehe. Awesome printer. I just printed a 800x600 desktop picture and it looked GREAT on a 4X6 print. My friend stole the print from me so I had to print another.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I know I set the paper to the correct type. Is there a way to manually adjust the thickness of the feeder, like a lever or something?
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    The gray lever in the back-right of the printer can raise the first rollers upbut the print will probably look fuzzy if you use normal paper. It is ment for envelopes and extra thick paper. But the first follers do not smear ink because they are before the printing head. You could use the cleaning spongy thing to remove the ink off the second rollers/cutter and let it dry overnight. That might help.
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