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I need some help!!!

I made a movie with imovie using NTSC for myself, now I want to make a copy for my family in France, that means I need to switch to PAL. How can I do that without opening a new project with PAL and remake the whole movie.

Let me tell you what I already try to do:

- export my movie to quicktime to quicktime then expert settings with DVCPRO-PAL. The result is very bad quality

- open new project, select pal in preference and drag or import my movie . The result is "error-40".

Please if you have any suggestion I take it

thank you


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    If the final project results in a DVD, it may not matter. Most DVD players can handle the PAL/NTSC thing. The NTSC iMovie/iDVD projects I've made have played without problems on PAL systems.
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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member
    a standard conversion is some big project: from 30 frames per second to 25, different color schemes, different lines per frame...- the conversion with qt pro (import your final movie, click export, standard .dv/pal) is in its final result just a toy...- ffmpeg can handle this, but probs are same as described above...- professional converison is much too expansive.-

    afaik, ALL european dvd players are able to play back ntsc dvds - so, best would be, make dvd of your imovie, let the player hardware do the conversion.
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    mimacmimac Posts: 872member
    You should be OK with an NTSC DVD disc.

    Most all DVD players in Europe will play NTSC discs.

    Phone and check with the person you are sending the disc to if they know whether their DVD player can play NTSC discs (check the set up menu of the player).

    You would only encounter problems if you were sending a VHS video over to France to be viewed as they use a TV standard called SECAM, although a lot of VCRs are now dual format.
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    Thank you for your help guys, I have one more question, when I will create a new project iDVD for my NTSC movie should I change the preference to PAL or leave it with NTSC?

    thank you
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    Originally posted by severine

    Thank you for your help guys, I have one more question, when I will create a new project iDVD for my NTSC movie should I change the preference to PAL or leave it with NTSC?

    thank you

    I would keep it the same as the original source. If it started NTSC, leave it NTSC.
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    geekmeetgeekmeet Posts: 107member
    bonjour severine!

    this is your friend drew.

    i told you to come to this board because the people here are very smart.

    i hope you use this board in the future.

    see you later!
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    My suggestion just to be on the safe side is to go into iMovie and export ...export movie to movie...expert settings...click video settings to dvcpro-pal stream go to size and use 720 x 576. then go to the sound part and go to settings and make sure there is no compression and it is whaterver sample rate/size you want...generally the best. make sure the "prepare for internet streaming" check box is not selected. You should be good to go... and it may take a while...i have a 1GHZ TiBook a one hour move took like 1.5 hrs...you also need to change the idvd format before you start a project...go to preferences and general and you will see pal.... Ive done it a coulple of times and it has worked wonderfully friends can watch it and everything. Most DVD players do read NTSC but just incase they all read PAL.

    My two cents

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    jasonfjjasonfj Posts: 563member
    this is something I've been investigating for months. I do tv work in both the UK and USA, and trying to keep an up to date showreel is a right pain without getting expensive standards conversions done from tape.

    Check this out:


    it only does PAL > NTSC at the moment (and seems to work well) but they say they're working on the other way round.
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