mustek camera and virtualPC

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I've been trying to connect my mustek gsmart mini3 camera to my powerbook.

Since there is no driver for OS X yet, I wanted to use VirtualPC with Windows98. I installed the drivers for Win 98 from the mustek-homepage, but I can't still access the photos on the camera. I can delete the images from the camera with this setup. Probably the problem is with windows and not with VirtualPC6.

Has anybody an idea of how I could get to the photos using OSX? I've allready found gphoto on, but I couldn't get it to compile yet.

I don't want to use it as a webcam. just get those photos.


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    mlnjrmlnjr Posts: 230member
    I hope the people at Mustek are good at making cameras, because they don't seem to be good at spotting spelling musteks... er, mistakes on their web site.

    "Enhancment" needs another e.

    Mustek isn't listed here, so good luck getting your camera to work without installing drivers.
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    Just curious, but have you tried the camera with iPhoto?

    My friends DV3000 works fine with OSX. No drivers etc. and iPhoto imports pictures with no fuss whatsoever.

    I'm not sure if you need to configure iPhoto to start up when you plug the camera in, or whatever, but Mustek products do work with iPhoto, or at least the DV3000 does!
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    It doesn't recognize it in iphoto.

    Even in apple's system profiler it only says "USB device".

    I've also tried an open source driver for the gsmart mini2 from versiontracker. It doesn't work.

    thank you anyway
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    donny1donny1 Posts: 33member
    Just had another thought (having a lot of those lately!), but when you plug the camera into the USB port, does it appear on the desktop?

    If it does, it may be possible to import the pics into iPhoto the old-fashioned way, by selecting file-import.

    If that doesn't work then it's over to Mustek.
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    it doesn't appear. :-(

    I'll have to wait for an answear from mustek.

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