What's that site running? OSX

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from a post on /., recent evidence the US ARMY picks Macs for security

Netcraft stats on web server, uptime, etc

The site www.army.mil is running 4D_WebSTAR_S/5.3.0 (MacOS X) on MacOSX.


slug in your favourite site and discover who's using "trustworthy" OS.


The site windowsupdate.microsoft.com is running Microsoft-IIS/6.0 on Linux.

whitehouse.gov lists as unknown on unknown, but the uptime graph shows a history of Solaris

The site jpl.nasa.gov is running Netscape-Enterprise/3.5.1 on Solaris.

curiously... according to Netcraft,

The site apple.com is running Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 on Solaris.


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