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I have a G4 tower running 10.2.6 and when I went to log in it just stayed on the login screen for about 15 min. before I got frustrated and re started. Is there any reason that this might be happining? Is there a fix for it? Thanks a lot.


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,560member
    Just a guess but the directory structure may be corrupted.

    Restart while holding down Command - S. This should swith you into a command line interface from which you can run

    fsck -y

    There should be simple instructions about doing this when this screen opens. This command will scan the harddrive and try to repair any errors. Repeat the command till it says the disk is repaired or until it keeps repeating the same error report.

    If the problem is fixed let out a cheer and type "restart" (if I recall correctly). If a problem exists and is not repairable then I think you will have to initialize the disk and reinstall. If you are lucky you might repair it enough to get off your data. Someone else may be able to contribute a better suggestion.

    You might also try to log in from another computer via Ethernet using your ID and password. If this is allowed at least you can get your data off before you wipe the HD.
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    Another easier (but longer) fix would be to boot off the OS X CD and when the installer is on the screen, go under the menu and Run the Disk Utility and Repair Permission and maybe even Repair Disk.
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    You haven't installed a "theme" or anything else that alters the system's appearance, have you? This can be a classic problem with such things.
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