Help! Trouble putting FP iMac to sleep:

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Been running OS 10.2.6 since it came out. Unit would sleep fine. All of a sudden, iMac would not go to sleep and I could not make it go to sleep. Ran Apple's hardware check disk and all was fine. Reinstalled OS 10.2.6 from disk and unit WOULD go to sleep and could be put to sleep. BUT after downloading updates to 10.2.6 and installing, unit would not go to sleep again. Can't remember installing any software or doing any other software updates lately that might be causing software conflict. Any ideas on why unit will not sleep? Appears it will for a second or to, sleep light momentarily comes on for a half a second, the unit reverts immediately to regular desktop. (P.S.--I always do update to the most recent softare updates available for all programs in the System Control panel.)

Thanks for your input!


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    I know this problem on a PowerMac G4 can be fixed by hitting the Reset PMU (which is for the Power Management Unit) button on the motherboard, and then going into System Preferences and fixing the date/time and other things that get reset. See if there is a similar button on your motherboard.
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