Quick home networking question (Macs and PC)

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How is the following accomplished:

1. House

2. Cable modem access

3. Mac located in bedroom (where the cable modem is)

4. PC laptop (Toshiba, lacking Ethernet) in other part of house

5. Mac is currently enjoying cable modem access...Toshiba laptop wants to.

What do I need and how do I do it?

I'll tell you what I THINK it should be and those of you who know about this stuff let me know if I'm on track:

1. Buy a router (any brands and recommendations, pro or con?)

2. Go from cable modem to router and out of router to Mac (no problem)

3. Second cable from router ran to Toshiba.

4. Cable hooked to some sort of Ethernet-to-USB converter (I've seen them and know they exist)

Would this do the trick?

Kinda looking to do it easy and a bit "on the cheap", since it's a temporary situation (the multi-platform household).

If the above solution isn't the answer or I'm way off base, then tell me what's what.

Should wireless be considered? Buy a wireless router and stick a card in the Toshiba? That would eliminate running cable 15' or so.

Tell me what to do...


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    Your four steps above appear to be correct. If you are looking for a good router I recommend the Netgear RP614, not only does it look good but it has some great features and hasn't been a problem.

    If you want to do wireless, check out my thread below in General Discussion, we throughly covered everything.
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