itunes/ipod Q: 5 gig ipod but I have 10 gigs of music

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When I plug in my ipod, obviously it can only take on 5 gigs of the 10 gigs of music I have in itunes lib. There is some music I have in my itunes that I don't necessarily need on my ipod and I was wondering if there was an easier way to "hide" those songs from my ipod, besides doing what I have been doing and that is storing the "other music" in folders and removing them from my itunes lib all together so my ipod can't see them.

Thanks for the tip. I am hoping there is a solution. I did some searches but found so many topics I couldn't located an answer to my Q.

Now, please don't suggest that I get the 10 or 20 gig ipod (not in the budget) :0)


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Just make a playlist with the songs you want on the iPod.
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    gee4orcegee4orce Posts: 165member
    ...or choose to only synchronise songs that have a check mark next to them (it's an option somewhere).

    Or, do what I did in your situation - create a Smart Playlist that says something like 'Songs with a rating greater than **' - to collect your favourites, and then combine that with another one that randomly selects a couple of Gig of songs so that you've got some variety.

    Smart Playlists are *the* way to go if you need to limit the music you're synchronising.
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