Removing furrin .lproj folders

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Looking to save some disk space, and poking around with OmniDiskSweeper has revealed to me that I've got a *LOT* of space dedicated to languages I can't read, write, or speak. (Go American educational system!)

Anyone have a quick and dirty way to wipe all the suckers out easily? Quick looky-loo on versiontracker, etc, turned up nada.

Considered using `find / -name '*.lproj'` and piping it to a proper grep chain (!English.lproj, !en.lproj) and then to rm.

Any caveats, advice, gotchas?


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    Advice? Perhaps an app with a GUI?

    Or do you not feel MAN ENOUGH without your command line?

    DeLocalizer 1.1


    DeLocalizer will remove all non-American English localization resource files that you request. This application is geared towards American English users, as it will not remove localization resources for American English. Users that use other languages may still use DeLocalizer to remove languages that they do not use (except, of course, American English).

    And you've gotta quit using VersionTracker. Ugh! MacUpdate, baby!
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    Feh! I the man! I *THE* man!


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