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I need help understanding login accounts.

We have a wireless netwrok in our house and my flatmate wanted to share some mp3 files for our forthcoming party. He's on windows 2000 btw.

In order to do this we set up windows file sharing on my mac and I gave him a log in account (as per advice in the macs help files). He then simply dumped the files in to the accounts "music" folder. Now i thought that since my log in account "owns" the computer i should be able to access all folders on the machine, but this appears not to be the case - the mac says that i have insufficient access priveleges when i try and access the files from my log in account - i assume i need to log in to the other account and move them from there. This can't be right, surely there must be an easier way? Any advice appreciated!

Also any ideas on how to set up file sharing from the windows end would be welcome.

thanks guys



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    The only way you could access his music folder would be to log in as "root" .... highly unrecommended as this would alow you to delete things that would really screw up the system.

    Better, would be to put the music in the "Shared" folder (it is at the same level as user folders) .... then ANY account on the computer can access it ...

    If he wanted to controll who had access to it... He could put it in his own "Public" folder and then set preferences for who can look in there.

    Let me know if this needs clarification.
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    Log in on your account. Do a single click on the folder that holds the music you want and than go: File, Get Info. From there click the arrow next to "Ownership and permissions". Assuming that you are the adminstrator of your mac click on the lock icon in the "Ownership and permissions" section of the get info window. Type in your password and than change the owner of the folder to yourself. If he has no more files to transfer to you, you can stop there by clicking the lock to re-lock the foler. However, if he needs to give you more (think ahead too, if you may do this again in the future take the next step) you may want to go to the next two drop boxes down. Where it says "group" change that to admin (or your name, whichever one is there) and give yourself read and write privlages to the folder. Than go back up to the first set of drop boxes and change the owner of the folder back to your friends name and click the lock. All done. Hope this works out for you. It works everytime for me. It also works well if you frequently will transfer files between the two computers, it is a one time configuration. It may sound complicated due to all the steps, but even a self described "newbie" like yourself could handle it with flying colors. Good luck.


    One thing that I forgot to mention. Tell your friend to get a Mac. You could avoid all this hastle. Macs are better anyway, right? javascript:smilie('')
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