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in Mac Software edited January 2014
Howdy folks.

I was using iCash software when my business only involved a few schools that paid me for my teaching services, but now that I am acquiring an after school enrichment company, checks will be coming in from hundreds of different families every month. I need to make sure to log payments on their account and keep track of their contact info.

I am looking for smooth mac & wallet-friendly software that will allow me to keep track of revenue (accounts receivable) & clients. I don't need invoicing/billing/receipts but it would be nice to be able to do montly sales reports etc. In addition to revenue, it would be great to have an area for expenses...and the good ole profit and loss statements for the IRS.

I won't have any employees, just ICs, so it would be nice to keep a tally on what I pay out to ind. people, or I can track that in expenses.

I looked at the apple site and didn't find anything that fit the bill - hoping you folks might be able to suggestion a program or a web site that offers such programs. All the ones I have seen, seem to have too many things I don't need. I want the program to be simple.

DayLite Business Edition Version- Any thoughts?

I saw MYOB's Firstedge for mac that looks pretty cool based on the demo. It retails for $100, and I ebay has it for $5.00 (so far) :0)



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