Will the next generation of iPods have Bluetooth?

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So I think I'm about ready to splurge on an iPod.

Do you think the next generation of iPods will have Bluetooth? I know it would be a slower connection than the cable hookup, but I really dig having as few wires as possible on my desk. I think it would be worth the wait.

Do you think new iPods will be out before Christmas?


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    Here's the thing about Bluetooth, it was designed to be a replacement for IR communication between devices (I think...). Its maximum speed tops out at around 721kbps.

    It would be next to impossible to fill a 10gig hard drive over something *slower than USB*.

    The only use I could think of for a BT iPod would be to sync contacts and calendars, but that seems too inelegant to be made by Apple. A better solution for wireless mass-data-transfer would be 802.11b or g, but I imagine those would drain the battery pretty quickly.

    So I doubt we'll see a wireless iPod for a while.
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    Why would you put wireless into something you must plug in to charge anyway?

    To sync calendars - yes. But isn't iPod meant to be an MP3 player primarily? Let's not dream out of the range
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    Wireless headphones are always a welcomed possibility.
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    jmitchjmitch Posts: 38member

    Originally posted by filmmaker2002

    Wireless headphones are always a welcomed possibility.

    Ya, welcome, but they're not gonna be here for a while. Wireless headphones need a battery and that would make the headphones 10 times more clunky than the current one's, which Apple is not about to do.
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    spazspaz Posts: 58member
    the beauty of the 6-pin Firewire cable is it supplies enormous data transfer speeds and charges at the same time, neither of which Bluetooth can do. and since all i have to do currently is set my iPod in its dock, BT doesn't seem that appealing.
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    Oh. Thanks everybody! Those are all good points. I guess I'm kind of techno-stupid. I get by though.

    Heh, I guess this means I don't have to wait to go out and get an iPod!
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    Originally posted by filmmaker2002

    Wireless headphones are always a welcomed possibility.

    no one has made wireless headphones for bluetooth for one simple reason, bluetooth dosent have anything resemlbling the bandwidth to handle cd audio like that.
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    there is one thing that bluetooth in an iPod would be good for: cell phone connectivity.

    If apple puts a microphone on the iPod's headphone set (it would be cool if they built it into the remote) any time your cell phone rings, it would be able to hook up with your iPod over bluetooth and allow you take the call without having to turn your iPod off and then switch headphones, etc. Conversely, you'd be able to make calls just by selecting a number from your iPod address book. You can keep your cell phone in your pocket or backpack and not even have to touch it. Bluetooth enabled powerbooks already have this capability, so it wouldn't be too difficult for Apple to incorporate it into the iPod. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether the battery drainage caused by having bluetooth built in would be worth it. Also, it would probably increase the price tag. But it's much more elegant than having to pause your iPod, take your phone out, switch iPod headphones with cell phone headphones, and then answer your call - if the caller hasn't hung up by now.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    SO what do you think the next ipod will have, any thoughts, how to make this huge success "better" what would make the experience better. perhaps voice recording but what else. Perhaps for some of what you've said a new device should come out something like the sony entertainment gizmo i saw somewhere (i posted a link to a picture of a sony clie like device for video etc. if i can find the link again i will include ilt. but it's like a mininotebook about 5 inch screen. apple could do this i'll find the like.

    It was discussed in the FH "evoluction of the ibook"


    that could be an addtional product, so the ipod doesn't get diluted, and apple spreads it's tech out and makes more $$$$
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    Well obviously they are going to be refreshed on tuesday with 300gb hdds recording, fm, colour screen etc cause I just picked up my first ipod today doh now I need a lotto win to pay off the cc
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Th only thing for which I find Bluetooth remotely interesting is wireless imput devices. So far, the one thing we can't have. For a laptop, a bluetooth mouse WITHOUT a silly dongle is a neat accessory. But mor than that, there is a bluetooth pen technology (one that doesn't need special paper) that would bring us the "tablet" ina most unexpected and useful form.

    For Pod's I think BT is inconsequential. The tech itself doesn't do much, but then, it doesn't cost much either. If it means redesigning the internals of the iPod, forget it, if at some point in the future it's a cheap integration on an internal refresh, Ok, why not. Only phone connectivity holds any promise, RIAA does not want wireless "rendesvous-ing" going on between passersby on a bus, for example, as cool as that would be.

    Sit in bus, someone comes within 30ft of you and if they have rendesvous turned on, your iPod decodes it for a listen (and to keep RIAA happy, erases the imported file) there is enough bandwidth to stream a live MP3, just not to stream a decoded file to a listening device. The source would be maxx 320Kbps, BT has about 760, but when you decode (and expand) it, the task of sending audio to a headset is more demanding than BT can really do unless the headset itself has a decoder aswell, which adds expense and complexity.
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