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I currently own a 500 MHz G4 Powerbook (15?). Long story short, after near 5 months of back and forth repairs, Apple has finally thrown in the towel and has offered to replace my unit with either: (1) a free 867 MHz model; or, (2) a 1 GHz unit for $600 (the difference in retail prices between the two 15? models). I would appreciate your views on my options.

I have two considerations floating around in my head because I?m sure as soon as I take delivery on the new unit, the updated 15? Powerbooks will be released. Because of this inevitability, I am considering an immediate sell of the replacement for purchase of the next generation (which will be delayed as soon as I sell the new unit). Or, I may simply keep the replacement and enjoy the upgrade.

I have researched the sold prices for new 15? models on ebay and it seems that the 1 GHz models are going for $300 less than retail while the 867 MHz models are selling for about $150 below retail. So, if I opt to turn the unit, it seems I?m better off taking the free 867 MHz model.

If, instead, I opt to keep the replacement, I am unsure which unit to pick. Although I hope to spend more time on video authoring and the like in the future, I do not perform such for a living. No doubt, a faster processor, DVD-R drive and double the video memory would be nice, but is it worth $600?

In summary, should I sell or keep the replacement and, in either case, which unit should I choose?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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    If I were you i'd get the 1Ghz for $600 more.

    First of you'll get

    500Mhz increase from your old one, and 133Mhz faster than the 867Mhz model

    Twice the ram (which will be noticable)

    20GB more Hard drive space


    32MB more Video ram

    Airport Built in.

    But, if you don't want to spend any money. The 867Mhz model will still be a big improvment to your older 500Mhz.
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    If you're gonna keep it ... get the 1 gig.

    If you want it to be a useable computer 2-3 years from now.... I'm willing to bet the Superdrive will be worth it !
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    general discussion might give you more replies you can use in a case like this, although i think they'll overwhelmingly suggest the $600 extra for what you'd get.
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