Spray On Computers: Literally

in General Discussion edited January 2014
i was just checking out /., and i noticed a seemingly ridiculous article about grain-of-sand sized computers (probably just µprocs). the idea is really, really cool though. the chips, of course, can only process on the most basic level, but when you think about it, each of our sensory cells is like that. like on our finger tips, they merely report back to the cns if we've been touched, and some aux info, like the temp or abrasiveness of the touching-thing. the article didn't really go in the direction i was thinking, but i wonder how/when its possible for us to create chips which can act like all the basic cells of the body. i wonder what their powered on too. i just thought i'd mention it, incase any ai'rs were interested too. it sounds really [geeky] cool.
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