Advice on Smartphones for Dummies?

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Sorry for another "give me advise on which phones to buy thread" but I don't know enough about what is available to give really detailed criteria like Amorya did. I don't know what GSM is and I don't have enough experience with Bluetooth to know that I need it.

Here is what I really need:

1) Intelligent interface. For instance, if I call a friend at home and he isn't in, I don't want to have to enter ten key strokes to get to his cell phone number.

2) Good PIM with easy interchange of information with OSX.

3) It should be easy to enter information when I am not near my computer.

Here are some ideas for other stuff I would like (assuming that two are more phones do very well on the above criteria):

1) Size (smaller and lighter the better)

2) Availability of third party software

3) Other cool stuff. Okay that is pretty vague but I am not really sure what is available and the few things I do know about I am not sure how useful they are. For example, I don't think a camera that takes really poor quality low resolution images is of much use. Clicker for SE seems like it might be really cool but I am not sure how useful it is in practice (can it tell how close I am or just if I am in range). It would be useful to assign different rings to different people. Is that possible? I sort of like the idea of GPS like the Kyocera 7135 claims to have but I get the feeling this isn't real GPS (like it is not going to work if I am hiking in the Sierras where I really need GPS).

My impression is that, if I really care about interface, my choices are Sony Ericsson and Palm, is that true?

And that a big advantage of the SE phones is that they have Bluetooth, while the Palm phones do not, is that true?

And that in general software availability for Palm is better than for SE, is that true?

Sorry for the long somewhat confused post, and thank you for any help or suggestions.


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    You might want to check out the SonyEric T616, its a nice phone, and has most of the features that yu want. ATT has them on sale for $119 reg ($200-300)
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