Firewire ports no longer work...Please Help

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After connecting to my friends 17" G4 as a slave HD from my Grey G4 my firewire ports no longer work, they are powering my iPod but they will not mount any HD's or my iPod. Is there any way to reset them or has there been some sort of shortout.

Can anyone help me?


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    One thing to check. See if the external device shows up in the Apple System Profile. That way, you will know if the FW port is at least communicating.
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    I have checked system profiler and devices dont appear on the firewire bus when connected ...although they are supplying power as my Ipod still charges when connected, but it doesn't mount.
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    Originally posted by Razororg

    or has there been some sort of shortout.

    Can anyone help me?

    don't mean to bring down your hopes but just informing you of the situation. Working in a lab-maintenence environment around a fair amount of computers, I have seen a lot of G4's with dual 500 and dual 533, 733mHz that have the built-in firewire ports gone bad with the only way to replace them being to buy a(n) firewire pci card.

    However the Quicksilvers and the mirrored door G4s have all handled quite well. Hope that might bring some perspective to your situation.
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    Check out these links they should help.

    You are not alone.
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