Unable to burn CD to external Iomega

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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I have downloaded segmented disk images (Panther from the ADC site for the curious) and receive an error when attempting to create a CD from them. I chose "Create Image" (I believe) navigate to the first segment (takes a while while waiting for Disk Copy to become responsive), and click burn. Part way during the burn I receive a failure message with a hexadecimal error code (I thought this was a Mac ). The resulting disk is then useless. The downloaded segmented images mount properly if you just open them. My burner is an external Iomega USB 1.1 drive\

Thank you for any pointers.


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    Originally posted by lfrog

    My burner is an external Iomega USB 1.1 drive\

    This sounds like the problem. I assume you are performing the burn in OS X, and we have experienced issues buring disk images via USB, but never with our external FireWire devices.
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