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August 18, 2003: Development of 1.x on Mac OS X has been limited to X11. All development of Quartz and Aqua versions has been postponed to 2.x with expected delivery in late 2005 to early 2006. Mac OS X Delivery Schedule

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So where are we today?

Well, we finally reaced X11 final. We really did overestimate the complexity of some of the problems we had left to fix as of the Final Beta, particularly printing and fonts (thanks Dan! you're a trooper!). We've been focusing mostly on getting X11 out the door and haven't had time to drill into Quartz.

Where are we going next?

The next step is for us to get Darwin/X11 building the version 1.1 codebas and moving all of our patches into the main development branch for We will also need to get Quartz compiling again to clean out any X11 dependencies we may have introduced.

What's holding back the Quartz and Aqua tracks?

To implement Quartz and Aqua, we will need to change APIs that are owned by different projects here at OOo, and the one we really do need to target is undergoing a major revamp (Toolkit2). These changes will affect all platforms, so we are working with gsl to get the hooks we need to complete a native port.

Aside from our compilation efforts, the majority of our work can't be completed until these APIs are in place or at least designed to a point where we can begin figuring out how to marry them to MacOS X. There is no active coding at this time. With limited testing and development resources, it is unwise to spend all of our efforts porting a "dead" API that would not allow our work to be incorporated into newer versions of the software. As such, any delivery estimates here should be considered "relative" to the time the APIs are completed.

All further development of the Quartz and Aqua tracks has been postponed until 2.0 due to gsl timeline. Initial delivery of 2.0 for Win32, Solaris, and Linux x86 expected in Q1 2005. Projected OS X X11 port availability expected to be Q2 2005. Projected OS X native availability of 2.0 is currently Q1 2006.
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