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Am I the only one that thinks that the mouse pad on the PowerBook is a dinosaur in terms of productive usefulness? I think Apple should have updated the pad some time ago and certainly with the new 12? and 17? units. I'll take 2 buttons and a scroll zone, please... along with some software to assign left/right functions and scroll zone location. How about an assignable horizontal scroll zone? It would be quite handy in scrubbing through FinalCut footage.

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    Scroll zone 0wnz... But why would you want a scroll wheel too?
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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    Yeah.. at least the scroll area, or a wheel. And 2 buttons, but i think Apple has a serious corporate complex about &gt;1 button mice..
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    No wheels please? depending on your preference, you could have vertical scrolling on the left or right edge of the pad (it?s certainly nice and large enough) and horizontal scrolling could be assigned to the top or bottom edge, and for those that don?t need any scrolling on the pad, that preference could also be selectable. The one long button could easily be two buttons and Apple corporate can grow-up. The revision would be much more user friendly (to say the least) and considerably more productive in functionality.
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    yeah, they do have a complex, they think it's too complex, they pride themselves on simplicity.
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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    Going to Current Hardware....
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