AAC or MP3 Encoding Times....Post Your Own!

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iBook (Nov 02) 800 MHz, 640MB RAM, 30GB HDD, 32MB VRAM, OS X.2.6:

4 Minute mp3: 5.1x (45-51 Seconds)

4 Minute AAC: 5.4x (42-48 Seconds)




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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    I have an 800 G4 iMac (15"), and I typically get around 10x for mp3 at 192 and about 8x for AAC at 192. I've never really closely monitored it, but that's generally what it's at, if I remember right.
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    jwri004jwri004 Posts: 626member
    After ripping over 100 cd's in both formats I have found the state of the CD plays a big role. I have had one ripping at less then 1. 60 minutes for a 45 minute CD. Quality was complete arse as well.

    Or maybe my drive is toast?
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Note iTunes doesn't let you choose between good/better/best like the QuickTime export option does. Set to best, QuickTime encodes AAC much slower than iTunes.
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    I had heard, though I don't have a link handy, that iTunes used 'better' as 'best' only gives benefits for 24-bit audio (CD being 16-bit).
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    dnisbetdnisbet Posts: 201member
    Using MP3 High Quality (160kb) VBR:

    ?iMac DV+ G3 450Mhz around 3.2x

    ?PowerBook 12" G4 867Mhz around 10x - takes around 20 secs for a 4 minute track. I was very impressed with it having come from a G3.

    ?IIci 68030 25mhz - only joking i never tried ripping to mp3 from the external cd-drive I had (does anyone know where I can find out any information on this cd drive, it's an Apple one) but ripping to AIFF took ages and the HDD was 250MB
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