Frozen Throne advice

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I'm stuck at the Undead level 5, the one with the 7 min countdown to destroy either of the two bases, then the other one.

I can manage to destroy one but when they attack my base they always wipe me out and then I can never build up enough to beat the level.

How has everyone else beat it?

thanks in advance


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    If the level is the one I think it is try to disable the human base down and to the left and the one straight down while they are asleep. Don't worry about farms and such just hit their towers, barracks, and such. Then go defend your base. build lots of ziggarats (sp?) with the upgrade around the lower right portion of your base. I think I had about 10-15. That should let you repel their attacks and continue attacking them. Then just build new bases in the spots where you took out the old ones and you'll be set.
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    That sounds great but man am I ever having a hell of a time beating this level.

    I've tried about 6 times already
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Shit, man. I'm still stuck on the first mission with the night elves. :/ I suck... I'm doing pretty well at reign of chaos. These are some fun games... Too bad classes have started and I don't have much time to play anymore...
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    Its been a while since I finished the Frozen throne so I don't remember it too well. I think it took me two or three times to beat that level. I think its important to get your additional bases going as soon as possible. Send Acolytes down with your army to start building 2 new bases. That's all that I remember that I did. I'm sure you'll get past it.

    Do you guys ever play on Battle.Net? I get called the most unbelievable things on there. I'm not great, but I don't suck either. Holy cow some of those people are mean.
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    Finally someone brings that topic up. Online Warcraft sucks big time unless you're playing someone who actually wants to ENJOY a good game.

    some of the A-holes have nothing better to do than spend hours and hours beating people as fast as they can.... I don't see the fun of that.

    I like to build up and get new things.
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