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I just sold my 350 G4 tower. I now just have a 667 Mhz G4 Titanium Powerbook and a big external monitor. Here's my question: should I get the new 17-inch iMac, the low-end G4 Tower, or just save my money and stick with my PowerBook?

What I do/what I need: I'm a multimedia guy. I do a lot of Final Cut, Quicktime, Flash, and plan on doing some low end 3D animation. Personally, I know I should get the G4 Tower, but it's ugly as sin to me and I just don't want it in my studio (yes, I'm fickle). But I'll get it if I'm convinced by someone that it's the best solution. I also really love the new iMac and have the money, but am I just spending money uselessly since I've got my Titanium PowerBook (my powerbook set up: 667Mhz, 512ram, 30gig harddrive, external dvd burner, external 17inch crt monitor, external 120gb 7200rpm harddrive) ???? Â* I really need some advice on this... <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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    I'd get something with two processors and 2 gigs of ram. Great w/OS X. I'd get the dual 1.4 with a 23" ACD. I'm getting that set-up once they have been out for review. (Currently Dual gig and 22" ACD), You can always mount the Box under a desk so it cant be noticed that much.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Under Desk Mount</a>

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    Welcome aboard, jim.

    Moving to General Discussion, which is where purchasing discussions are topical.
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