iTunes Beats Per Min.

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Has anyone used the Beats Per Min. function in iTunes? I can not figure out how to use it. You can't click in it to set it and t dosn't seem to know what the BPM is. Any help would be appriciated.




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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    BPM just tells you the beats per minute of the selected song. It's just another tag you set arbitrarily, like the song name, artist, genre, etc. Whether or not that Norah Jones song actually has 180 BPM is another matter. You can use the tag just like the other tags in iTunes: list songs by their BPM if you select the BPM column, create a smart playlist using the BPM tag to filter out songs, etc.

    I rarely see tags that iTunes fetches that include BPM. I have a couple Front 242 albums that actually list the BPM for each song in the CD liner, but other than that I never really see them.
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    Time it!

    I think it's to tag how fast or slow beat a song is, which can't really be put into a number. It has to be felt, heard, experienced to tell!

    Hell, if it's in your library, you should be able to tell how fast-paced a song is.
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