iPod Record feature by Christmas

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Wouldnt that be a great selling feature for Christmas. Since we all know that ther is a built-in microphone already all the have to do is realease a firmware update, and maybe a mic or we could ust use the left headphone as it has been done before. Is it plausable?



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    Man you wouldn't believe how many concerts I would have recorded by now, just think 320k MP3 str8 to disk. Or better yet, AAC in 160k +.

    (MP3 or AAC format, because that's considered by many to be concert quality anyway, otherwise use AIFF(but that kills battery life like a hoot-n-nanny station wagon goin off a cliff real fast.)
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    You make it sound like its gonna sound like a good recording. A bootleg is gonna sound like a bootleg if ur recording the show with a mic as oppose to a direct feed.
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    Why did you need a new thread for this....?
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    Originally posted by T'hain Esh Kelch

    Why did you need a new thread for this....?

    why did you need to keep the thread current by posting to it? sheesh.

    i'm sort of not so excited by the idea of a recordable iPod. i'm all for new features, but frankly i don't find myself needing to record live anything very often. if i had a tape recorder that was getting a ton of use, i might be more excited, but frankly i don't record anything.

    i guess it would be good for lectures, concerts... but it's not something i'd use personally
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I could see it coming in quite handy for my friend: she's currently back in school, pursuing a Masters degree, and perhaps she can use it for notes? I don't know, but I'm sure it could come in handy at times.

    Second thing: this friend is also a guitarist/songwriter...what a cool way to quickly and easily digitally "jot down" snippets or melodies or lyrics as they come to you! Not to mention making a quick and dirty recording of a scratch vocal and acoustic guitar to simply "get the song down" and have it for reference or archiving.

    I mentioned to her the other day about the iPod eventually allowing this and the two things above were the first things out of her mouth. And she's no major "tech head" type, constantly thinking about this sort of stuff.

    In other words, if she - on her own - can latch on to the cool usefulness of this capability, then it's a good idea and a good thing.

    Bring it on.

    I'd use it to for the reasons she does to, the second one anyway (song ideas and so forth).
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    This is something I definitely want!

    Why adding a record feature doesn't hurt:

    The iPod has pretty much all technology that's needed for recording. It's a device built to work with sound; adding a record feature is not deviating from the core concept.

    Why adding a record feature is a great idea:
    • A number of people (doctors, office staff, lawyers, etc.) use voice recorders for dictation and recording conversations. Those usually use short, analog tapes, eat up AA batteries, and the recorders cost a lot (somewhere between $70 and $200 I think). With tiny modifications, iPod is positioned to kick those recorders' arse in all respects.

    • People want to bootleg concerts.

    • People want to record lectures.

    • If my MP3 player could take notes, I'd prefer to use it in everyday life, instead of any "PDA" type input. A voice recorder is usable without looking and without "fiddling".

    • For a long time, I've thought it would be nice to be able to make small deals and such verbally, and still have proof. I like to buy my miscellanous stuff used from private persons, and to sell my used stuff onwards. If the deal is small, putting it in writing is overkill. "I hereby sell you this 3Com network adapter for the sum of five euros!"

    • Similarly, I'd love it if I could record my phone calls via Bluetooth from a BT-enabled phone. Just think about never having to ask a person to repeat his name, address, phone number.. "My number is 123-123123. That's 1, 2.." "I got it already, thanks." All this while you're running to catch a bus, without even having to ever dig out and touch the 'Pod.

    • With the kind of profit margins iPod has, and the insignificant amount of work necessary to add the feature, it should not show in price. I think the sales boost would be worth it for Apple, too.

    Can you guys think of something else?
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