Norton Disk Doctor v. Alsoft DiskWarrior

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have been using Norton's Disk Doctor, Cocktail, and OnyX to keep my system stable and uncorrupted. I noticed that whenever I would run Disk Doctor, I would get a major B-Tree error each time (I would run it every three weeks or so). I have no idea what causes this same error to keep cropping up, but when I boot from disk Norton will fix it. There are about 130 minor errors that Norton, for some mysterious reason, is unable to fix.

I read about DiskWarrior and, believing the hype, bought it. If I run Norton first, and then DW, DW has nothing to fix. Since DW claims it uses a different method of fixing files, I figured I'd see what would happen if I ran it first - would it fix the B-Tree error that Norton finds? So today I ran it. Sure enough, it found a major error, and I fixed it in DW. DW found none of the 130 minor files Norton identified, and it also didn't fix them.

I then figured I could run Norton from my HD instead of the disk, since it only can't fix major errors from the HD, and I figured I had fixed my major errors with DiskWarrior. Lo and behold, it found a major error in the usual location, so I stopped Disk Doctor and inserted the Norton disc and re-ran Disk Doctor. But this time it found no major error WTF??? Why would it find an error when running off the hard drive but then not find it running from the disc?

So I guess my questions are:

1. What could keep causing this same major error according to Norton?

2. Why don't these two apps find and fix the same things? Norton finds things that DW doesn't and vice versa, it seems. Or am I making some fundamental error about what I think these apps should do or not do?

3. Cocktail? OnyX? Anyone have a preference? Are they essentially repairing the same issues (cron scripts, cached eletion, system optimization)?

Thanks for the help.
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