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how to send files with ichat to buddies? i try the attach file menu but get only a beep and nothing happens... have AOL account and ichat AV 2.0. many thanks to replies... :-)


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    um... a tiny possibility that these functions are North America only

    some additional "features" (such as direct text message to cell phones from iChat with user address of +1 area code number) seems to function only for actual US AOL customers

    you may need to turn off your firewall in System Preferences : Sharing

    (opening just for AIM, Rendezvous, etc may be another option if you know port #s)

    recipient users may need to turn their firewall off as well.

    be sure to check your iChat preferences as well

    group chats (or chat rooms) do not usually permit file transfer.

    'direct connections' for file exchange with individuals are 'started by transfer'

    some filetypes can be dragged and dropped into the ichat text entry field. jpeg, gif and some pdf will render in the ichat window bubbles directly (pdf sometimes local only, but as ichat window background)

    typing while large files are in transfer can get lost, so wait for cursor return or scroll in the window if you're shipping big files. i have successfully moved >400Mb archives over iChat in about 6 hours via Cable modem

    attach or drag images into the text entry field and one or both users will see dialog box asking if they want to send/receive the file. click to begin. immediately, the button switches to become a cancel button, so be careful you don't double-click and kill it with out realizing. iChat preferences have a checkbox for 'confirm before send' which will toggle the outgoing user's dialog, but usually the other user will have to approve the incoming file before the transfer actually begins (and the popup box may get lost behind windows or users might hit return without looking at whether approve or cancel is highlighted)

    hope these somewhat broad troubleshooting options help
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    You can also drag a file to a user's name in your buddy list. This will start a file transfer to that user.

    Gotta love drag n' drop.
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member

    Originally posted by Xool

    You can also drag a file to a user's name in your buddy list. This will start a file transfer to that user.

    Gotta love drag n' drop.

    This way is the only method I can get to work... all the rest just fail.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Another way is to drag the file in to the text entry field in an active chat session. This should put its icon where you'd type your message. If you hit enter to send the message it should trigger a file transfer.
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