StripX now in open beta

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Since v0.5, StripX is in open beta (and currently available as 0.6.4b).

In StripX, you play a multiplayer poker-style game, whose rounds are ended by a choice of actions for the losing player. Based on your credits left, you can either

- Sell clothing to earn some credits

- Spend credits to draw a reward card

- Gain some credits by taking a punishment card

- Try pot luck by drawing a random card

- Throw three dice to get up to three punishment or reward cards

And best of all: It's free. All I'm asking you for, if you like the game, is to send in ideas and texts for additional eventcards (there's even a form, under "Participate"), so StripX can be expanded with more and more original action cards.

Oh, and of course, tell me what you think, send me any criticism, bugs and ideas and enjoy the game.

Download, screenshots and documentation are found on


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    How about making a StripXXX version, too?
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    something else i noticed, was playing it w/ my gf on "nice and harmless" and the "you may cum on player2's face" card came up. thought it was fairly humorus.
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    tonton, to online support: I think, given the actual cards, playing online would be quite senseless. But as soon, as it's completed, the option for a special online version of StripX including matching cards and video support could be possible. To your other points: Several of those bugs are fixed by now, buying back clothing is planned.

    Placebo: Setting it to the highest level is quite XXX. Though in versions up to 0.6.5, there was a bug, limiting it to G-rated level. Fixed now.

    ThunderPoit: Oh, well, I just hope she didn't feel like you were trying to pull her into something In 0.6.6, I rearranged the cardlevel-selectionsystem, this bug should be fixed by now.

    And about the unsafe sex... as far as I'm informed, licking it off or swallowing is harmless, unless you've got wounds in your mouth, heavy parodontosis, whatever. But I will get myself informed here. The option is an idea, though I originally didn't want any unsafe cards in the game.

    Thanks for your comments so far. v0.6.6 is available for download on
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