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I work at a hotel, my third one, the worst one out of the lot. Don't stay at the Howard Johnson in Greensboro, NC. Even though I hate my job I do have to say I have seen some strange and sometimes very entertaining things, I think someone could do an anthropological study on the behavior or people at hotels. I guess I get to see some the choicest situations b/c I work the 3rd shift. Gun fights, grown men fighting over a prostitute, swingers making asses out of themselves, non-english speaking Mexican stable hands getting into knife fights etc... I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone killed yet. There was one week we had the Vienna Choir Boys and they trashed their rooms like they were rock stars, and then the following week we had the surviving members of Thin Lizzy and they were perfectly behaved, mostly.

There was also a brief period that I was going back and forth between the cops and the ACLU. The city apparently has an ordinance that a hotel must give up any and all guest records to any law enforcement officer of that jurisdiction at any time without a court order or probable cause or reasonable suspicion, I'm pretty sure that violates Federal Privacy Act regulations not to mention something within the Constitution.

What are your thoughts on why this shit happens at hotels? Or your own wet wild and weird hotel adventure.

Protitutes, Drug Dealers and Swingers, OH MY!!!


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    Originally posted by LiquidR

    Don't stay at the Howard Johnson in Greensboro, NC.

    Do you offer hourly rates?

    I can't even begin to remember all of the fscked up chit I've seen in hotels.

    Being shown a room, that had a dead man occupying it with flies buzzing around. Watched someone get murdered outside the hotel. Another time witnessed it inside the lobby. Staying at a hotel that turned out to be a brothel and a niteclub; talk about noisy. I once had a shower that was the sink with a cup so you could fill the cup and dump the water on your head.
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    See Below
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    Your sitting on a veritable Gold mine and you don't know it..

    Think of all those juicy tid-bits you'll be able to put together in a book...where your hotel becomes the setting for a series of trashy novels...Imagine a hotel dick ( gumshoe private eye).

    Daniel Steele eat ya heart out...

    Also could make for some great contacts..or film script material..the source is endlesss..

    Just need to work an angle to see the light..
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    Oh hotels. Still have bad dreams about my brief periode as night portier at a hotel here in Copenhagen. But here th problem wasn´t the guests but the management.

    It was a 200 room hotel and from 11 PM to 7 am I was the only staff at the hotel.

    - One day when I arrived at work they said oh yeah almost frgot to tell you. Someone will arrive and fix something with the water system. Have a good night". "fix somethng with the water system" actually meant cut of the water to 300 persons from 11.30 pm to 8 am without telling the customers that. A lot of pissed customers. Imagine if someone decided to start a fire that night.

    - An door sensor system that never got to work and no cameras for securiy. So I had no clue if thieves or worse had broken into the hotel. Learned one of lifes best lessons: "Mag-Lite is your friend". Especially the 13 inch model.

    - Piss poor salary. $15 per hour which is very low for night work here. WOrse than cleaning.
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    My father used to own a few hotels and I was the manager of one of his properties for a couple of years.

    There are so many weird people who check in - lots of normal peeps, but plenty of freaks too.

    -This big trucker type checks in and about two hours later I see him walking down the hall in a blonde wig and blue dress.

    -Fire alarm goes off one night. I check the board to see which unit it's coming from and go to check it out.

    Old naked black guy is standing on the bed holding a container of baby powder with some religious program blaring on the TV and clouds of baby powder hanging in the air (thus setting off the smoke detector).

    -Large shirtless man with a huge scar down his chest (heart surgery I'm guessing) comes to the front desk to complain that the toilet is too small for him to properly wipe his ass and wants me to do something about it.

    Too many stories.

    People are quite interesting.
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    Actually at the last hotel I worked at I began a short story dealing with a prostitute and a 3rd shift desk clerk, I got a few paragraphs in when I had to stop to arrange my move. Haven't had a taste to pick it back up.
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    i knew a kid who was a tad physically challenged (reminded me of owen meany) but he a got a job at the holiday in davenport iowa, doing maintenance kind of things....and he was so excited 'cause BTO was staying at the hotel (this was in the 70's), the next day i saw him and asked him if he got to meet them, and he said yeah, and then just kind of got quiet.

    so i started asking him well what happened did you get their autographs?

    he told me "no they the locked me in a closet!"

    bloody bastards.
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    15$ an hour, I wish. I'm getting ripped, so are a lot of other 3rd shifters at hotels here in NC.

    one thing is for damn sure, once I'm done with this place I'm done with working for a hotel ever again, and I'll make sure that I treat the hotel staff well whenever I travel. Hotel work is about the worst shit I've put up with in my employment history. It's worse than 3rd shift cab driving or bartending.
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    So, just now I was looking for the housekeeping paperwork and I come across a small bag with a note attatched. "Found in Ms. X's room". Well, Ms X is a regular of ours, a known prostitute, she looks deathly emaciated, I know for sure why now. In the bag is a copper wire scubber(???) an elastic hose, spoon and syringes, some empty and some full. Now I'm done my share of drugs in the past but this is the first time I've actually come across the dreaded H. Okay, too bad for her.
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