VNC or Notes Slowdown?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a number of computers setup with OSXvnc v1.2, and it is setup in Library/StartupItems to run when the computer is Restarted. This way, I have access to it so that I can log in remotely with any account.

The strange thing is that every so often, the computers in my network have started "stalling". Everything gets choppy, and the only thing that has changed is this startup.

However, on Macs that are not running the Notes client v6.01CF, there has not been any slowdown. None of these non-Notes computers have been restarted since this install, so it makes me want to point the finger at the Notes client.

To stop the stalling, I log in with a VNC client, and everything is okay. But that's not really a solution. Reviewing the Process Manager at the local computer shows nothing. I have heard that Notes runs many things in the background, so much so that if Notes crashes, and you run it again, you will be prompted to Restart the computer to set everything right.

I've hopefully covered everything relevant, so if anyone has any other ideas - or something I missed - it would be appreciated. Thanks!
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