Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh: Remember?

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A while ago there was talk around here of how well-received a commercial featuring Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh agreeing on the only thing they possibly could: Apple makes good computers.

I forwarded the idea to Apple (see my email at the bottom), and got this response (many, many days later):

From: Chris Quezada ([email protected])

************************************************** **


This message is in response to the email you sent to Apple Computer, Inc.

Please see attached. While we're delighted to hear from you, due to various

business and legal concerns, it is Apple's policy not to accept unsolicited

advertising or marketing ideas and we will therefore not be able

to consider your submission.

Any potential similarity between your submission and Apple's efforts would

be merely coincidental.

If your submission does not pertain to advertising or marketing, it is

possible that your email was forwarded to this email address erroneously,

and we welcome you to visit our web site at to

determine whom it is you wish to contact.

Thank you for thinking of us; we welcome your feedback. Nothing is more

important to us than enthusiastic supporters.


Apple Computer, Inc.

Trademark, Copyright &

Corporate Marketing Legal Dept.

************************************************** **

From: Martin Miller <[email protected]>

Date: Wed Jul 2, 2003 2:30:23 PM US/Pacific

To: [email protected]

Subject: "Al, I know we don't agree on much..."


I have no affiliation with Apple other than through the computer I own and a few shares of stock. Lately, I've been lurking around the various unofficial Mac forums, and read one thing in particular I think Apple or the appropriate department at Apple should be aware of. It's an idea spawned by Rush Limbaugh's latest endorsement of Apple on his radio show (which I didn't hear myself, as it's decidedly not my type of entertainment). Discussions on various boards have all led to one idea, which I think, in a marketing sense, is brilliant: a commercial, in the vein of your recent "Switch" commercials or simply a standalone, featuring both Apple supporter Rush Limbaugh and Apple board member Al Gore.

It would be hilarious. And it would communicate to two distinct, widespread audiences, at least. It's the kind of high profile, creative commercial that people have come to expect from Apple (2004 is the 20th anniversary of 1984, after all). Finally, and most importantly, it would get people started talking about Apple, which is the first step towards lodging the Apple brand name in the minds of an audience.

Did I mention that it'd be hilarious?

Signed, etc.

Shame. I suppose it must be because their current marketing come-up-with-ideas people are doing such a high-flying good job.


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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I think I got a letter back like that one (more of an impersonal, form type of response, really) when I wrote them a year ago with a suggestion for the retail Apple stores.

    I was genuinely happy to just see a response, even though it didn't speak to what I'd written to them. Still...kinda neat to get something back, I guess.

    You know how Apple has the Apple Masters thing? And they seem to give importance to the opinion of various celebrities and marble-mouthed pop stars and so forth (witness the various product intro videos shown at Macworld keynotes)? Wouldn't it be cool if there was some sort of "civilian" advisory panel of just regular people who aren't famous, don't write for the Mac press, don't work for Adobe, etc. that had a direct line, so to speak, to Apple.

    In other words, some sort of a "keep it real and tuned to the streets" kind of thing, where you were allowed some access or the ear of various Apple management. Say, you get a phone call every couple of months from Apple and they just want to get the informed, "real world" opinion from those of us in the trenches?

    I'd be first and then we can go around and pick others to form the panel.

    (that smiley is for Ernest... )

    I think that would be a cool idea. I know that's sort of what it's like for developers. You're right there, helping them build, hone and perfect their stuff.

    But I'm talking more from a overall, consumer-level viewpoint.

    I'd do it for a T-shirt and to have 10 minutes a month on the phone with someone very close to Steve (if not Steve himself).

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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member

    Ok, so its pretty stupid(the name, not the idea), but hey, I got that word out of I don't know jack about vocabulary.

    It be nice even if they just made the AppleSeed or whatever its called program more well known, as well as accepted more people. I sent in an application months ago.
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    pscates -

    That's a really cool idea. ...I volunteer.
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    yevgenyyevgeny Posts: 1,148member
    Malokata, that is a cool idea, but Apple legally can't take your advice because if they did, then you could bill them. This is pretty standard.
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