George on the coach

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    On the couch even. Oliver James is a rent-a quote media whore who likes to profer his professional opinion on people with out the time -consuming aspect of actually talking with them.
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    Was he eating a pretzel at the time?

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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Bush is a sick bastard if you ask me. Here's a good quote from DeLay:

    'Speaking of liberals on the House floor earlier this year, DeLay said,"Their malignant hold over the intellectual life of this country must be exorcised, and men and women who are willing to speak the truth offer our only hope of reclaiming our culture from the grip of a hedonistic, reckless and destructive descent into nihilism."'

    Tom DeLay (R)-Texas

    They can keep their fascism and stuff it in thier bums.
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    True : This guy is a sick bastard.

    Unbeliveable how both selfish but suicidal he is. We will all remember him as an psychiatric-pathological case ;-) [ there's already a few one in our long ? yet short ? World History ]

    We used to have (much) better from America. So please don't re-relect him ;-) ¡ Thanx !
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