Apple's relationship with AMX?

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A few weeks ago I was at a training class at AMX, in Dallas TX, for a week. If you don?t know, AMX develops control systems for high-end professional electronics (ie. Video switchers, audio mixers, ect?) with LCD touch control screens. Basically you can program a custom interface that can control an entire boardroom (ie, Video Conference Cameras, Drop down projection screens, lights, ect) really anything can be controlled with either IR or RS232 (serial).

Any way, one of the days I was taking a tour of the building and someone came out of a room and I got a glimpse of what was inside... and WOW they had a couple hundred new G4 towers still in plastic lined up on tables right next to each other (not hooked up).

Later I asked several employees what is going on with all the Macs in the one room, and all they would say is things like, "We are not allowed to say, but it?s big." (with a smile on their face). I don't quite understand why they would need all of them, because AMX control systems can't even be programmed with a Mac, let alone the fact that most of this equipment is used in the corporate world, hmmmm...

Any ideas what Apple may be working on with AMX?? My first thoughts where that AMX was working with apple to provide and easy to use consumer based home automation system or something... I don?t know... But I get to go back for Training again in Dec. so I will see if I can find out anything else....



Ps. All I could find on apples site was a link to <a href=""; target="_blank"></A>; , which is a completely different company than the one I was at. I was at <a href=""; target="_blank"></A>;

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    Could be they are working on an presentation automation system for Apple to use, not to promote. Apple does a lot of seminars, lectures and presentation. Maybe they are tired of having to to a custom setup for every show. Or, maybe it will be for their stores to improve the instore seminars etc. For sure Jobs wouldn't want and Wintel presentation system running their systems, so maybe they contracted out to AMX to hook they up, with a requirement being that they use Macs.

    Don't know why they would need that many G4's though.
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    They may just be getting ready for an installation not related to apple. That is some university that wants all 20 high-tech meeting/classrooms to have PowerMacs installed with the latest video system.
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