iTunes Apple Music Store song file selling for $800+ on eBay

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My hubby saw this on Slashdot today. Sorry if this has been posted already. I searched in Active Topics and couldn't find it.


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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member

    Better spent on 2550 original songs from the store... or a Power Mac G5... some nerds are wankers...

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    Is it up to $2550 already?

    *thinks* Now that you mention it, I should sell all 110 songs I've ever downloaded from the Music Store, and at that rate I'd have enough money to buy a large fraction of the entire Apple Music Store catalog.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    78 bids...! The same AAC file can still be purchased in iTunes Music Store for 99¢, what am I missing?
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member

    Originally posted by iBrowse

    78 bids...! The same AAC file can still be purchased in iTunes Music Store for 99¢, what am I missing?


    Still stupid nonetheless.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Holy cow, I think I just found the financing for my new PowerBook.

    I've got "Car Wash" and the bidding starts at $200, suckers!

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    You are bidding on the song Double Dutch Bus, a remake by Devin Vasquez of the Frankie Smith classic. I don't know what he's saying, but it's still a good song!

    I bought this song from the iTunes Music Store after listening to the 30 second preview. I bought it, but I felt it paled in comparison to the original. Now my loss is your gain because you can get this used song on the cheap. Some people sell their used CDs, I'm selling my used AAC!

    It was featured in the movie Master of Disguise staring SNL alum Dana Carvey. While I haven't seen this move, I understand that there was something about a turtle involved. If you buy this song, you'll be able to listen to the part around 0:45 where Devin changes the lyrics to her own, or the false stop around 3:00. You can even listen to the entire song straight through, you're in control when you win this auction!

    The description of the "item" is great.

    The guy has some good points on his weblog:

    Something Apple hasn't thought of that someone could do is sell an iTunes account that is preloaded with a special selection of music and charge a service fee to adding additional music. Obviously the person adding the music would have to make really good selections the buyer would have to have a lot of money to waste but their probably is a market for a personal DJ.
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    I suggest you guys take another look at the last bid.

    It was over 16k last time I checked and still rising.

    All the money is going to "charity"...
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    OK, maybe I'm showing my age here, but I've never even heard of this song. I wonder if $16,000 is more than Mr. Vasquez made for performing the song.

    Yeah I guess this could be just a clever fundraiser, but it isn't advertised on their website... at least it wasn't when I looked yesterday. Strange, strange, strange.

    I like the part of the listing where the seller explains that the item can only be sold in the United States, "Sorry Dutch Double Dutch Bus fans."
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member

    Originally posted by jante99

    their probably is a market for a personal DJ.

    Actually, this is quite interesting. I read somewhere about DJs providing an iPod with a playlist to a venue rather than having themselves there. They go, set up the equipment, plug in the iPod with the playlist and leave. It costs less than having a live DJ, plus the DJ can be in a couple places at once.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    ..... and then it was gone.
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Keep an eye on the guy's blog... he will probably say something about it there.
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    eBay shut him down for breaching the "downloadable media policy".
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