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Hello, I'd like tu buy a webcam for my Mac but I don't feel like to spend lots of cash on anything fancy such as iSight or Logitech Pro. Is there any cheaper alternative?? I checked a lot of webcams, but on the box there is nothing that says that it supports OSX! Only Window! How is it possible???

Please help!



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    spazspaz Posts: 58member
    Luc - your options for a Mac webcam are limited, it's true.

    to be honest, you might as well get an iSight if you're getting a webcam at all - it's Firewire, it's got the microphone built in, you can switch it off and on easily, and it's made by Apple so you know you're getting quality.

    you'll only save about $50 by going the next level down, which is the Orange Micro iBot. also Firewire, but does not include a mic, and isn't QUITE as good as the iSight (i have this camera so i know!)

    honestly - save up 150 quid and get the iSight.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I have the iBot and it aint nothing to write home about. In fact I'm thinking of selling it. Make me an offer.
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    lucluc Posts: 7member
    Hey Spaz!

    Thanks mate, I think you're saying the right thing - the bottom line iSight is still Apple and therefore it can be trusted.


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I think the auto focus is the best feature of the iSight. That's the main reason i want to get one.
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    I use an iSight, and it is like a wet dream, but other applications do not recognize it... iMovie? You can use quicktime broadcaster, but it is not near the same.

    I hope Apple decides to change that.

    So if you just want a camera for iChat - iSight
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