Network/Monitor/G5 purchasing advice!

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Hi there, I've got some cash thats burning a hole in my pocket , can someone help me out with some purchasing advice.

I'm in the market for a couple of things actually, here is what I want to do.

1. Upgrade my ethernet. I've got 2 computers and I will be adding a Dual G5, and a PB asap. I have a Sawtooth G4, and a Biege Minitower so far, I would like to do the gigabit ethernet thing if possible. Right now I'm just using a regular hub thats 10/100 I think, and it takes like 8 hours to transfer 12 gigs, that stinks. So I know i need 2 gigabit ethernet cards for these computers and a new hub, but I got no idea what brand/prices are good, I've seen gigabit ethernet cards for as low as $40 (at least I think I did) and as high as $200. Also can I use my existing cables?

2. Monitors. I need two of 'em. I'm looking at the Lacie Electron Blue IV 19" CRT right now. Is this thing any good? Basically I need a good/sharp CRT monitor, my Fry's refurb $99 monitors aren't cutting it anymore.

3. For the future. I would like to prepare for that G5 right now. So where can I stock up on some memory (the best/fastest for the G5), say 2 gigs, and what kind should I get? I also want to add a second HD but I know that it uses some new ATA thing, but I don't know what kind of harddrive to get maybe another 120 or 160 gigs. Is this a good idea? buying accessories for a computer I don't own and isn't out yet? (I've already set aside some cash for it)



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    8 hours for 12 gigs? You sure? That's only 3 megabits per second. Anyway, I don't think it's worth upgrading to gigabit - you'll need a new expensive hub, new cables, new cards for every computer, etc. If your transfers are that slow, then it's either that you didn't report a very accurate figure, or you have a cable that can only handle 10 base T, or your hub can only handle 10 base T. 10/100 should handle that transfer in maybe twenty minutes.

    12 GB = 12,000 MB = about 100,000 megabits

    100,000 megabits divided by 100 megabits per second = 1,000 seconds = 17 minutes

    I can't really help you with the monitors, I don't know much about really good quality CRTs.

    As for buying accessories before you get the G5... don't. Look for stuff to buy, and maybe bookmark it or write it down so you know what to get, but don't actually buy it until AFTER you get the G5. Prices for most computer components are always going down. You can get your research out of the way now, but you should probably wait until you order the G5 before you actually buy all that stuff.
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